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Hi, I'm Tica...

and I am ready to take a photo! Get it? My business is named Tica Photo, which is like "take a photo".


HA! Anywhoo, silly jokes aside, my legal name is Samantha, but my friends call me Tica, so please call me Tica. I’ve been a photographer for nine years. I graduated from NAU in 2017 with a bachelor's degree in photography. My passions in life include all things Disney, my furbabies at home (I have a little zoo. No seriously, ask me how many pets I have), and my family! My 9-5 jobs have always focus on customer service and helping people. This past year, I decided that life is much too short to not spend everyday doing what you love and calls to you, so I jumped into photography fulltime!


It makes my heart sing to help people feel confident and feel comfortable in front of the camera.  My favorite sessions are boudoir sessions and couple in love! I am painfully aware that there is so much going on in the world everyday and time moves much too fast nowadays. I want to help you capture those most precious moments that you wish would last a lifetime. I may not be able to freeze time, but with as your photographer, I can capture that memory for you! That way, whenever you look at that photo, every single detail and all the feelings you had in that moment come rushing back to you. 


Anywhoo, enough about me, tell me about you! Let’s connect and do that dang thing! 

Let's do this!! 

Let's chat about you and the amazing things happening in your life! We can set up a call or video chat, no strings attached, if the vibe is right, we can get started on planning your session.  In order to set up a call, please complete the form below. 

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